Things seem to be picking up around here…

August 27, 2009

When I tell you that I have never been a slave to my stat counter, I am being totally honest. But right now, I am being totally slavish. Not for my ego, per se, but to ascertain whether all systems are go here: are my links working? are my meta tags (or whatever they’re calling them these days, those search terms embedded in the guts of a blog, where they can’t be seen) working propertly? So, imagine my pleasure at finding that YogaChickie v.2 has been “hit on” more than 300 times on its second day of life! Hoorah. Seems like all systems ARE go. And most people are accessing my blog either directly (meaning they know or have already bookmarked the address) or from a link from facebook or from my now-defunct blogger blog’s redirect. A FEW people, a very few people are finding me through Google (since apparently, Google has not yet done a full “crawl” of my content…they really should since they owe me $85 dollars for the ads I let them put on YC v.1….least they could do if they plan never on paying me back). And of those that do, here are the search terms used:

yoga chickie: chicken soup for the navel 3 (forget about gazing and soul)
marichyasana letter d 1 (a long-ago obsession of mine)
ashtanga bad for you 1 (poster girl that I am)
yoga chickie 1 (what is there to say about this?)

I wonder why no one has found me in a search for Supta Kurmasana, my longest-standing obsession of all? Or Kapotasana, my own personal Waterloo?

This is mildly fun.

Back to our previously scheduled programming soon.