Why won’t my leg stay behind my head?

October 1, 2009

Kind of a rhetorical question.  I mean, if my hips were flexy enough, I would put my leg behind my head and it would just be happy to stay there.  As it is, it feels like my leg muscles are made of really really strong rubber bands…I can get the leg there just fine.  But then….sproing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

At least there is some possibility, I suppose, whereas with Kapotasana, I just don’t see it ever happening. My body just doesn’t want to bend that way. Even Ustrasana is getting painful these days, when I try to keep my legs at right angles to the floor. Wonder what that’s about. Perhaps having been forced to take the summer off from backbends? Or perhaps I’m just starting to really feel my age. I want to say that without shuddering. But it’s painful. Yes, it is. Better than the alternative. But painful, nevertheless.