Yoga Chickie…is Lauren Cahn

I live by a duck pond.  I used to live by the East River.  I don’t work.  I used to work a lot.  Now, not so much.  I used to teach a lot of yoga.  Now not so much.  I still practice a lot of yoga though.  A LOT.  I love my kids, being outdoors, taking photos, reading magazines, writing and stirring the pot.  Enjoy responsibly.

11 Responses to Yoga Chickie…is Lauren Cahn

  1. Hi, Lauren.

    I left long comment on your latest blog that just disappeared when I tried to send it. It’s probably sitting your spam file for some reason.

    I’ve had this experience before with WordPress. In that case the system sent anything with a link in it to the spam file. When I sent a comment without my link, it posted, just like the P.S. I left on your blog.

    Please let me know if you can recover my original comment. If not, I will reenter it. I want to make sure you get the message.


    Bob Weisenberg
    (I won’t put my link here and see what happens.)

  2. yogachickie says:

    I will look for it tomorrow late morning because I have an early baseball game to go to (mom’s car service and sports boosters, at your service). It would be great if you could somehow find it! Or summarize it?

  3. No problem, and no rush, Lauren. If I don’t see it after awhile, I’ll rewrite it.

    I complimented you in some detail on your blog and talked about how valuable it will be to others who are in the wrong system for them, but don’t have the insight or the strength to change.

    I also said I was looking forward to your future blogs and catching up on all your past work, which I’m just now becoming familiar with.


    Bob Weisenberg

  4. yogachickie says:

    I Bob…I found the comment. It was in spam. I despammed, but I have yet to see it appear anyway! Annoying. But thanks for trying!

  5. Hi, Lauren. Just want to make sure you got my e-mail address which I e-mailed to you a couple of days ago.


  6. yogachickie says:

    Actually, I did not get it! Can you resend, and meanwhile I will check my spam folder (sorry!).

  7. I figured something was wrong. Here’s my e-mail. Just delete this after you get it.

  8. mela says:

    Are there any good astanga classes in northern westchester or up further (i’m in columbia county & NYC) surprised how difficult its been to start astanga…

  9. pam says:

    is there anyway i can subscribe to this blog? I don’t see anything anywhere to “click on”…. thanks!

  10. Sally Fischer says:

    Great stuff Lauren. I am doing a series of Spiritual concerts..
    one at St. Marks Church on the life of Suor’ Cabrini
    it is free and from Rome, Italy.
    I know you would enjoy!

  11. Mike Boyle says:

    Hello to the beautiful and wondrous Angel that is YogaChickie! I completely adore you! I am sorry it took so long to look at your blog I love it. Your Humble Servant in Yoga! Mike Boyle

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