Yoga and Meditation Empower Cancer Patients

This week…a guest poster has written an insightful and informative piece over at my long-neglected but not-forgotten blog, Pink Lotus Yoga. Please give it a read in honor of Breast Cancer Awareness Month.



One Response to Yoga and Meditation Empower Cancer Patients

  1. I am convinced that yoga is the only reason that my breast cancer was detected before it killed me. Because of my connection w/ my body, I intuitively knew for 10 years that something wasn’t right, but seven “normal” mammograms, two ultrasounds and 6 doctors told me I was fine; cancer doesn’t hurt, you can’t feel it, take some Prozac. Last year, when I could finally palpate a LUMP, I demanded an MRI and there it was – a 3.5 cm, Stage 2 cancer which had spread to my lymph nodes. I had a bilateral mastectomy and just completed a year of chemo and radiation. Of everything I do to try and not feel like crap after what my body has been through this past year, yoga is by far THE best mind/body therapy there is. If only western medicine could get a clue! Read more about my cancer discovery and why mammograms don’t work on dense breast tissue on (Our Stories).

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