Updated: Bye Bye Bikram

August 1, 2011

On August 1, 2011, I posted about Bikram Yoga Ridgefield, Ridgefield Connecticut. It was one of the last posts I made on this blog before I pretty much abandoned it and all but forgot about it. I didn’t know that it still came up in Google searches. I didn’t know that there were 18 comments on it.

I’ve deleted it now because it was harsh and ugly and causing pain to people. It turns out that this post, which I had put out of my mind, was not out of the minds of the students, teachers and proprietors of Bikram Yoga Ridgefield. I discovered this yesterday in a most painful, embarrassing and humbling way. I will be writing about it further, but I thought it important now to delete the post before it did further damage.

I’m sorry.