Get Back Muthaf-cker you don’t know me like that….

Or, Ashtanga Primary Series (Half, even) is not for wussies:



9 Responses to Get Back Muthaf-cker you don’t know me like that….

  1. yogachickie says:

    I am deeply annoyed.

  2. Grimmly says:

    Been having fun with the movie editor huh. Loved the fancy little arm balance jump back. Nice camera angle too, jump through’s look very snappy from there (legs crossing then snapping out). You going to make the second half?

    Why deeply annoyed

  3. yogachickie says:

    Camera angle: my Cybershot, sitting on a piano bench! I am nothing if not low tech.

    Kimberly Flynn told me to abolish those. Another reason why no shala for me!!! My way or the highway. I am sure there are LOTS of fixes a teacher could recommend here…this was done in one take after all, so it is really just like any typical practice for me…but really, I don’t know why any fixes would matter at this point on any of these poses.

    As for the second half, yes. Pacing myself. And also, that brings me to why I am deeply annoyed: At the ORIGINAL ending to this video, I had a little storyboarding that said that I planned to do the second half soon, but that it would take some guts on my part since I prefer to do the second half in shorts. But YouTube forced me to cut my video back to under 10 minutes. They are also sending me threatening notes about my use of copyrighted music. But they seem to be okay as long as I allow an offer to buy the music to appear on the video.

    Ah, commerce.

  4. hyla says:

    bravo, yc

    love the tunes

  5. shaf says:

    Hi, I found this vid really helpful, forgot my poses over the xmas break and im just about to get back into it your vid helps brings everything back, thanks

  6. yogachickie says:

    Really glad it helped!!

  7. Y says:

    you are cheating in many of the Chaturangas but I can so well understand that, they make me physically so tired during the practice

    I would have preferred to see this video without the texts as they hide you and the details of the poses. – maybe you can post one version without the written comments?

  8. yogachickie says:

    I am not “cheating” as there is no “cheating” in yoga. For my particular anatomy and surgical history, I attempt to do my chatturangas in a way that maintains a slight openness in the chest. Not all bodies look the same doing the same pose. If you keep practicing and teaching, if you teach, you’ll eventually begin to understand the subtle nuances of different bodies that yoga allows for, unlike, say, ballet, or gymnastics., which demand adherance to a given physical manifestation and aesthetic appearance.

  9. Steve Thompson says:

    love the video. love the goofy flying text. love the tone: primary series if freaking hard.

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