The ugly truth…

this year:

last year:

Doesn’t look all that different. Maybe it isn’t different at all. But maybe I just have to accept where it is and that it might not EVER get any better. And so what?



10 Responses to The ugly truth…

  1. desireediaz says:

    I think it looks better this year 🙂

  2. Floss says:

    Looks pretty good for someone with your medical history – multiple breast reconstructions to boot.

    I think the problem with Ashtanga yoga is that the external appearance of a posture doesn’t automatically reflect on what’s going on internally. I know that is a big call to make for someone who is not very proficient, but I can imagine many circus performers being able to do an effortless kapo. Also the sequence does favour people with a certain body type and life history – thin, long limbs, no surgical histoy like yours, no kids, no shiftwork, enough money to afford to study regularly with a teacher, proximity to a teacher… I could go on. And despite the fact that it is not suppose to be competitive, the sequencing of the postures does tend to make it a goal orientated exercise.

    I am finding it helpful to question my practice once in a while – why I am up before 5am to practise 4 days a week. I am accepting the fact that even if I shall never keep my legs behind my head, what I am doing up to that point is doing me good. This could change with time and I accept that also.

    The only thing I could suggest with your kapo,if making progress is important to you, is maybe put something against the wall where the heels of your hands rest on – eg a large but thin book, so you can maybe incrementally decrease the distance between the hands and your feet.

  3. bindifry says:

    astanga is an internal practice. it’s people that insist otherwise.

  4. Claudia says:

    Wow, it looks amazing to me!

  5. Grimmly says:

    Best wishes for the new year YC, health and happinesss.
    Re kapo the forward tilt of the hips seemed to help me his year. Not sure if my back becamemore flexible, seemed to be more a case of finding a way to keep the hips further forward.

  6. yogachickie says:

    If I could tilt the hips more forward, I would! If I could fly, I would do that too!

  7. A) It looks amazing.

    B) I agree, so what about the difference between years.

    Just reading the Gita yet again. Act with great purpose according but with no ego attachment to the results! The more I try to practice this the more I realize how profound it is!

    You said it perfectly above. You should neither stop trying hard nor be concerned about the results.

    Bob Weisenberg

  8. Zaf says:

    this year looks better, and I’m frankly envious of last year. what’s the issue?

  9. I see this and can’t help but think not “how does it look?” but, how does it FEEL?

  10. yogachickie says:

    It feels pretty good. Right up to the edge where comfort meets tightness. Wish the edge was a bit further. Maybe in time…

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