What Yoga Can Do For Jon Gosselin

Click Here To See What Yoga Can Do For Jon Gosselin”



3 Responses to What Yoga Can Do For Jon Gosselin

  1. This is an unexpected change of pace. As you know, most blogs about these pictures have been derisive spoofs of Jon’s attempts at Yoga or Inquirer-like exposes questioning the sincerity.

    You’ve decided to take his interest in Yoga at face value and turn it into an opportunity for rather detailed instructions into the finer points of this Yoga pose and Yoga poses in general.

    This caught me off-guard, as I kept waiting for the punch line. In the end I found myself liking what you’ve done, both because the writing is very good and because it’s so against the grain of recent Jon/Yoga blogs.

    Bob Weisenberg

  2. Great blog–esp. the entry you wrote about breast cancer survivors and yoga. On Dec. 14, Living Beyond Breast Cancer will host a free yoga program at the Philadelphia Marriott West. The program will focus on the emotional benefits of yoga & provide a hands-on demonstration. Would you be willing to feature this event in a future blog entry? You can find more info here: http://www.lbbc.org/content/event/yoga-uniting-body-mind-spirit.asp?c=educational&t=participate&sn=networking

    It’s also a great way to support women affected by breast cancer!

  3. Mar says:

    Holy Crap… I learned a lot. You helped me quite a bit. I was all ready to mock along. So Thanks.

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