Brian Runs For The Cure

Please click on this link: Brian Runs For The Cure. It’s my 12-year old son’s first foray into giving back: he has organized his own run against breast cancer, which will take place in December, and oh my GOD, am I proud…

Please consider donating to this worthy cause – no amount is too small, and every cent is appreciated so very very much!!



9 Responses to Brian Runs For The Cure

  1. Good for him. I love your bubbling over with enthusiasm. And what an inspiring story he proudly tells about you!

    Nice family photo, too.


    Bob Weisenberg

  2. Micha says:

    Hi Lauren,

    Good work to your son!

    This question is about something entirely different, but just wondering what your thoughts are on teachers giving very little adjustments. I had a few negative experiences in the past few weeks where the teacher is just not attentive or is just in another one of those “moods.” My friend thinks that my teacher doesn’t come around because he doesn’t think I need them, but it sucks when you pay a lot of money per class just to get 2 adjustments, and in a small-ish class size.

    Mind you, I can only make it once or twice a week to the shala due to my kids and school, so perhaps he shows favoritism to his more frequent students?

    Anyway, I’m over it and I want to “divorce” my teacher but she’s the only qualified teacher in my area. Any advice? Should I just come to the realization that you can’t “expect” adjustments.

    Do you think I’m being unfair and needy? Sometimes I feel that I am, but we don’t live in India and western students feel more entitled to a little more attention, especially for the amount of money you spend on yoga.

    Just thought I’d ask if you’ve had similar experiences or any advice. Thanks, and I love your blogs!

  3. bindifry says:

    living in inda has nothing to do with getting adjustments. and ALL western students do not feel this way at all. entitlement has nothing to do with yoga or how much you spend on it.

    there are 3 things you can do.

    1-tell your teacher how you feel-ask them why you are getting ignored
    2-practice at home
    3-get over yourself

    sorry this sounds blunt, but if this teacher is a good teacher, you should trust that they have their reasons for not adjusting you. sometimes no adjusting is an adjustment. maybe they want you to work harder on your own.

    most certified teachers do take care of thire regulars more. that’s just because they know the student’s bodies well & feel comfortable. it’s not safe to adjust students that do not attend class often.

  4. micha says:

    Thanks for your insights…are you a teacher? If you are, I didn’t meant to offend teachers in general, this was just a curiosity that I’ve had just recently.

    I can see how my first post sounded whiney, but it truly came from a place of disappointment and hurt. I do respect this teacher, but I think even the most accomplished teachers need to open their perception a bit more as well.

    Entitlement was not the most effective word to use, I suppose fairness would be more accurate.

  5. bindifry says:

    i have taught astanga mysore style 6 days a week for 10 years.
    the best thing for you to do is just communicate with your teacher. she/he is just like you-a human with flaws. teaching this way is hard work & takes a lot of sacrifice. often students have no idea what it takes to rise at 3 am every day so we can do our own practice first to have energy to do very physical adjustments.

    i have had students come to me about this issue & it gets resolved instantly.

  6. Micha says:

    My teacher is not very approachable in that way, to be honest with you. I just like going to her mysore because she’s no-nonsense and effective. It’s just lately I’ve been feeling this way, silly I know but it’s a common feeling that most students probably don’t voice – they just suck it up and just go. Maybe I just need to be that way as well, but I can’t because I’m just saddened by it.

    I do a home practice when I need to be home with my kids, and frankly I would do more of a home practice but I need to progress, you know?

    Thanks for your help, I probably won’t communicate it to her as I’ll feel like a jerk. I’ll just see how things go in the future.

    I think you’re right in saying that the more frequently attending students get more adjustments, but I’ve already let my teacher know that I can’t make attendance as much. I’m just doing the best I can.

    Perhaps you’re a more approachable and open teacher. Not a lot of them are…

    I just have learned that there’s some hypocrisy in yoga particularly, when people imply they follow the eight limbs but don’t carry them out. Like Ahimsa in the emotional way.

  7. bindifry says:

    is your teacher certified (not authorized) by patthabi jois? it saddens me that you can’t just talk to her 😦

    i sure do understand about having kids & being busy. that time you use to go to class is very precious. what adjustments specifically do you need to get? like supta kurmasana & marichyasana d? you seem genuine in your inquiries.

  8. Micha says:

    She is authorized, but I’ve worked with non-authorized and non-certified teachers and have learned a significant amount more. And they seem to “get” Ashtanga and its principles more than any teacher with a paper giving “cred.” She seems tired on most weekdays, I know she practices before, but then why not practice after? Or in the afternoon, this is the profession she chose. But then again, if I don’t practice in the morning, I won’t practice at all. so I get it.

    Yes, those are the 2 poses I need help with! You must know! As well as Bhujapidasana.

    I would go to another teacher but really there aren’t any as qualified as she is in my area – trust me I’ve researched and looked. Sad really, because at the end of the day, warmth and humanity triumph over austerity.

    The days I get to practice are so wonderful, they are mine. I just hope she finds some happiness in her life as well so her students can feel like they can learn in a safe environment and feel appreciated as well for waking up at the crack of dawn to do the silly poses we do.

    Thanks for your help, bindifry. I do think that I’ll figure it out. I’ll just suck it up for now, because I am getting stronger and closer to my “goal.” But in the next few months, I’m not sure. Why is it that people like me get so sucked up in the throes of Ashtanga that it becomes all-consuming? I literally get sad during the day (one time I had a bad dream), as you really have to disarm and fully give all your trust (even surrender) to your mysore teachers (which I thought I’ve done), just to realize that perhaps you’re not getting any respect in return. It’s like losing an old friend, does that make any sense? I’m trying to practice non-attachment to my teacher and her teachings, but it’s such a huge challenge when you think you’ve bared it all to him/her.

    This to shall pass…

  9. Micha says:

    just sent you a mail! talk soon!

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