But A Mammogram DIDN’T Save My Life

November 18, 2009

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What Yoga Can Do For Jon Gosselin

November 17, 2009

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Full Vinyasa Today

November 14, 2009

So, I did it. The Full Vinyasa Primary practice. I did it in my home studio, and I did it alone, but with some music. And it was boring and long, but definitely not difficult. In fact, the coming up to standing in between poses made it kind of eas. Not sure why. I would do it again on a low energy day, like today, where I know that the flexibility isn’t going to be the highlight of my practice, nor is the strength, and for lack of anything better to focus on, I can focus on endurance. Sort of. Since it wasn’t all that challenging.

As usual, I also added some Second Series stuff in where I thought appropriate: Pasasana right smack in the middle of Standing Series – after Parivritta Parsvakonasana, and then again after Marichyasana D. It just feels so damn good when I know I need a good back crack. Eka Pada Sirsasana, Dwi Pada and Yogi Nidrasana after Supta Kurmasana, which I did twice, once after laying out in Kurmasana for 25 breaths, and then again after I full vinyasa-ed out of it and back in again. Why? Because I had forgotten to full vinyasa out of it. Then I did all of the Second Series backbends before Urdhva Dhanurasana. Greg Tebb taught me some version of that a couple of summers ago (in his version, he selected some of the backbends, but not all of them). It was my first entre into Second Series. Pretty clever of him, I thought. It made UD so much better for me.

Been doing bedhangs for the past couple of days. Thought it was helping, it probably is. But it didn’t quite feel that way today. Ah, every day is different, and this yoga thing is never really linear, at least not for me.


Difficulty getting to the mat…difficulty getting off the mat once I started

November 12, 2009

After spending most of the day procrastinating from practicing, I found it incredibly difficult to stop practicing once I started. And so I ended up doing all of Primary and the Second up through Eka Pada, about 10 backbends and then an actual full closing sequence (I skip that most of the time and go straight to sitting in lotus…really not a good idea, since the closing sequence is so restorative…).

No surprise, this enjoyable practice following much internal debate (to practice? to skip? to practice? to skip? maybe just standing? maybe just sun salutations?) amidst a heavy motivational gravitational force field. Yet I highly doubt that it will never cease to amaze me how resistant I am to practicing when I KNOW intellectually that practicing feels good, that I always feel better after practicing. The same goes for hiking and long walks. I love to move my body, and yet I resist it. Time and again. Never learning my lesson.

But wait….perhaps it wouldn’t be as good if I didn’t resist it so much? I’m sure I will never know, because I am sure I will never stop resisting.

I think I also need to mention, if only because it is such a rare occurrence – that backbending was not just NOT bad today, but literally, enjoyable. I’m always skeptical when someone says they like backbending…until I have a practice like today’s, where backbending feels okay, or even better than okay. I suppose what makes it or breaks it for me is the pain factor. On bad days, my back feels achy, or my hands hurt too much to get my wrists at 90 degrees for a decent press-up. But today, no achy back, and no pain pressing up – I’ve been playing around tenting my fingers a bit to take the weight off of the knuckles that are most painfully arthritic. And it worked! Today at least.

I hope I remember to try that again tomorrow or whenever or always. I’m writing it here in the hopes that if I forget, I can read it here. Trouble is, I won’t remember to reread this….


25 Random Things About Yoga

November 10, 2009

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If everyone gave just ONE dollar…

November 3, 2009

Think of how much research money that would be for breast cancer.

Remember when we all donated so that Gregg could buy sunglasses?

Remember when Tiffany wanted to go to Mysore?

Those were, of course, worthy causes, but so is raising money to find a cure for cancer.

Please consider donating by clicking on the donation button at Brian Runs For The Cure.

Thank you so much….


The Latest Huff Post from me…

November 2, 2009

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