For the record,

I went to my first led primary class in….I don’t even know how long. Maybe a year? Maybe longer? It was fine. Easy. Way easier than when I do it myself and half to propel myself forward despite what I can only describe as “motivational gravity”. And this despite the myriad annoyances of group practice (“Saaavin, yaaaate” and “let the heart guide the mind” and “move through your vinyasa and exhale chatturanga, inhale updog, beeeeee here a while….[pause]….exhale downdog”)…grrrrrrr….I enjoyed myself and got my practice finished when on most days I would either be just waking up from my morning nap or just thinking about gettting my ass into a bath for a pre-practice soak.

Why do teachers have to talk in “Fake Teacher Voice” though when they teach?




4 Responses to For the record,

  1. bindifry says:

    let the heart guide the mind???
    probably my biggest peeve is that fake guru voice. the absolute WORSE are those that just got back from practicing with guruji (well that won’t happen anymore) and talk in indian broken english “you do” “why you dancing?” i mean what the hell is that?
    i have not been to a class in a very long time.
    and i am happy.

  2. Floss says:

    My teacher doesn’t talk in a fake teacher voice. He is the old fashioned no nonsense type. He does like to tell Guruji stories though when he happens to be in a talkative mood.

  3. kiwi says:

    I kind of like the Yoga voice… I’m a Yoga teacher and i admit that I soften my voice a little for class to make it more…. relaxing. I have been to classes where the teacher has not softened her voice at all and it was very grating and I could not get into my practice because every time she spoke especially after being quite for a few minutes it would jar me out of my practice.
    I have never used the broken English/Indian voice… that is funny.

  4. Anne says:

    Motivational gravity indeed. I had a couple of self practices back in the day when I went down for shalabasana and didn’t get back up.

    Sometimes it’s really lovely to be part of the group wave. Glad you had a good experience, notwithstanding the Indian posers…

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