One more Gossip Girl note…

It’s pronounced “did-nt” not “ditint”. Yes, Serena AND Lily, I am talking to you, you supposedly highbrow-living, elite-school-attending, Emily Post-reading, ettiquette-following Park Avenue lifers.

What’s with the all the “ditints”? I cringe whenever Serena or Lily uses this lowbrow slang for the already contracted (and thus, inherently slangy) “didn’t”.

OK, back to more highbrow discussions, such as books that use the 99,000 names of God in the title and that tell me how the mere act of singing will turn my entire body into a receptacle for god’s luuuuuuuuurve.



2 Responses to One more Gossip Girl note…

  1. Grimmly says:

    Came across gossip girl last night, some English girl (or was she Scottish, i forget) talking on a phone in a bar so i thought it was a UK show but then everyone else is American. Only saw the last couple of minutes, what is this show? dint hear nuffin about it, before ere : )

  2. Abby says:

    I found your blog through the epic P-Jois-fingergate post on yoga dork yesterday and added it to my feed. I’m loving your unapologetic calling-out of the BS people swallow in the yoga world. I’ve been critical of that for some time, but currently my statements veer toward “well I dunno if chanting in a language we Westerners don’t find meaning in is all that useful, I guess it feels nice sometimes but I dunno, is the Yoga Mafia anywhere they can hear me say this?” I’m digging how refreshing it is to see you wrote “oh HELL NO.” I’ll get there in my own time, I’m sure. In the mean time, you’re making me feel pretty good about not bowing down before gods I don’t believe in!
    Ditto on the GG bullshit. It’s a guilty pleasure, but they could have done a bit more on the research front. I went to NYU and it’s nothing like this. Kids like that would NOT live in the dorms, or they’d have a dorm room but go home all the time. And if someone bought us free sushi, we’d be all for it. I went to Gallatin, even, a tiny school that GG likes to name drop, which totally breaks my heart.

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