SOMEBODY’S reading them

and by “them”, I mean books that aren’t written by Austen or Dostoevsky or Coehlo, or that don’t have Hindu words or one of 99,000 names of God in the title.

So, if no one’s admitting on their “What’s On My Nightstand” widgets or their “25 books I’ve read and loved” memes, then who’s buying all those books by Nicholas Sparks and James Patterson and Anita Shreve (oh, how I love to read her and then make fun of her, but yes, I still read her) and Mary Higgins Clark (another not-guilty pleasure)?

I call “bullshit”.



2 Responses to SOMEBODY’S reading them

  1. Interesting observation! Let’s get the truth out. Nothing to be ashamed about. Strength in numbers, etc.

    I’ll start. My favorite TV show is “Three and a Half Men.”

    There, I feel better already.

    Bob Weisenberg

  2. Grimmly says:

    But Dostoyevsky and Austin (hate her)were huge bestsellers in their day too. Saddens me a little when so many great books are made out to be highbrow, yes you can read them intellectually but they are also bloody good reads. I did one of these Memes, think it was something like 15 books that you found inspiring, something like that. At the moment I’m reading Lasson’s Girl who played with fire, good book, may turn out to be a very good book, but would I say inspiring, no. Would you describe Patterson as inspiring or as a book that made you see the world differently? Pattersonesque? That said if there was a meme titled 15 books that made you see the world a little differently then I would put James Elroy on the list right next to kafka. Dostoyevsky would still be on it but so would Martin Amis.

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