PS…I still have a couple of Urdhva Dhanurasanas left in me…

Yesterday, I did three 10-breath Urdhva Dhanurasanas which didn’t feel awful. That is a start. Seriously. I think what made it possible was that I JUST did a backbending practice. I had done yoga early in the day with my new student, and then later in the day, I came back to my mat for a 20-minute backbend session. It’s not that I felt particularly flexible. Rather, what I felt was less tired than I usually feel by the time I get to backbends.

I’m thinking about trying to fit this in a couple of times a week – JUST backbending. I mean, what’s the big deal? 20 minutes? I barely broke a sweat. I could do it between chauffering the kids around. I won’t say that I will do it EVERY DAY, because what I am also finding is that I am MUCH better at everything when I have a day of rest in between.

So, this week, I’ve been alternating, focusing on leg-behind-head, focusing on backbends. All of my practices start off as if I were practicing Ashtanga, and many of them keep to a very similar format. But I veer off here and there, as I have mentioned millions of times before. So, on a leg-behind-head focus day, I’ll throw in all of the Second Series LBH poses after Supta Kurmasana. On a backbends-focused day, I won’t. On a backbends-focused day, I will add nothing after Supta Kurmasana, just finish up Primary Series and add in the first few backbends of Second Series. I might bring out my stepstool and hang over it or climb up the wall from a lying-on-stomach position. I might lie on a ball. I might hang over my bed with weights.

This seems to be working for me at present.



5 Responses to PS…I still have a couple of Urdhva Dhanurasanas left in me…

  1. My asana of choice right now is the shoulder stand.

    What’s working for me right now is 3 fifteen minute sessions spread throughout the day, mid-morning, mid-afternoon, and mid-evening, just when I start to feel stiff from too much blogging and sitting. So I’m doing a 45 minute asana routine, but it’s split into 3 segments.

    I do a good variety of poses, different at each session, but I like shoulder stand so much I’ve started to end each session with it.

    I agree with your philosophy of taking advantage of a home practice by tailoring it to one’s individual needs. Why not?

    Bob Weisenberg

  2. yogachickie says:

    That’s good that you make the effort to get yoga into your day at regular intervals. I use yoga as a workout, so I try to get some intense, extended sessions in. You might want to try that too sometimes!

  3. I would do longer and more vigorous yoga routines, but right now it would be too much because I’m playing tennis four times a week and doing tennis weight-training twice a week.

  4. Anne says:

    “If it feels good, then just do it.” – what my constitutional law professor used to say about the 9th Circuit, California school of jurisprudence, and what I say about yoga

    I just took an absolutely transcendentally fabulous class at Sankalpah, you should definitely check that place out when you’re in NYC. Isaac Pena. He was amaaaaazing.

  5. Sankalpah looks like a really good place, Anne.

    I’m going to start working on Isaac’s pose at:

    Bob Weisenberg

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