This is very weird for me to be blogging here. Is anyone out there? I think so, based on my newly discovered “Blog Stats” feature on my WordPress Dashboard. Not that that should be important…and yet it is somehow. It’s like, I can’t write anything coherent if I don’t think someone is going to read it.

Unfortunately, Blogger.com seems to be a lost cause for me. Can’t get rid of the malware warning, and truth be told, I think they are very very real: after repeat visits to my blog (my OLD blog, now, sigh), my laptop needed some reconfiguring before I could turn it on this evening.

Talk about an exercise in non-attachment.


3 Responses to Hello…………………

  1. bindifry says:

    give it some time. people will find you. how do u like wordpress-is it easier to post? or is it more basic? i would like to change over-maybe i should make a food blog seperate from my other confusing blog hardly anyone reads 🙂

  2. Brynn Carico says:

    Hi you have a greate site It was very easy to post good job

  3. Hi you have a cool website It was very easy to post I am impressed

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