Yoga-Speak Translated

It’s been a long time, but I finally got inspired to write another column for the Huffington Post. Here it is, but beware….you may hear your own words coming back at you, and if so…well…sorry?



6 Responses to Yoga-Speak Translated

  1. Sharper says:

    LOL this was good to know!

  2. hyla says:

    …what happened to sjp's alleged implants?

    …as per huffpo pics, nowhere to be found…

  3. yamayoga says:

    LOVED it!!! laughed my ass off.

  4. Yoga Chickie says:

    Thanks…and Hyla…maybe she got tired of people making fun of her?

  5. Susan says:

    That was pretty funny. I know you left out so many more though. I love how funny yoga people can be.

  6. Yoga Chickie says:

    There are SOOOO many more…

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