Not my anemia!

I went to a class yesterday with a teacher who I have disliked in the past. She looked completely different, acted completely different. I finally asked her: what is different? She told me she had been ill – severely anemic and Vitamin B deficient. She is literally glowing now. And kind. And not “in your face”. I had a delightful practice, and I started to kind of desire being in a group setting again. Not enough to go today. No. Today was either a total rest day, or at the very most, a walk-run in the woods. I did the latter. I feel great now and ready for a more strenuous day tomorrow.

Meanwhile, something unfortunate went down with my shrink yesterday. So, like God and the Torah and Ashtanga as a Cult, she too is now on the “86 List”.

Oy. Such a summer.

But pondering what happened all day was not good for me, and when I finally realized that we had reached a wall, I was free. That’s when I took my exercise in the woods.

Now, I’m just chillin’.



3 Responses to Not my anemia!

  1. hyla says:

    …and what if…
    …you hated running?
    …lived in the city, 10 minutes from the shala?
    …didn't have a shrink?

    …would you not be unable to kick the habit, cult or not???

  2. Yoga Chickie says:

    Hmmm…not sure I understand the question. I will say though that I have vicodin and amphetamines in my house, but that doesn't mean I feel compelled to use.

  3. hyla says:

    …but looks like it sure beats all this shrink nonsense…

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