Getting clean

I find it interesting that “clean”, so long (and still) associated with being free from drugs and alcohol, is now a word that describes a way of eating that does not give rise to guilt. More specifically, “clean eating” is another way of saying “virtuous eating” or “not making a pig of myself”. Sure, for some people, it means more avocado, olive oil and tofu, while for others it means more lean meat, red wine and iceberg lettuce. But ultimately, it is used to refer to partaking in foods that are not “bad foods”, whatever they are.

I try never to use the word to refer to food. I do use it to refer to what I have been doing to my house these days, both inside and outside. I prefer clean, uncluttered lines. I prefer closets that could double as rooms, or nooks, as it were. I prefer gardens that are fairly symmetrical and orderly, although definitely NOT formal gardens (although I reserve the right to some day create one).

Today, I cleaned the back porch, which, due to the endless (16 of 18 days, or 17 of 19, can’t remember which) rain in June, has begun to grow its own ecosystem on the floor between the flagstones. Can you say “ew”? I may have gone camping once, and I may enjoy hiking in the woods; I even enjoy digging in the dirt. But unidentified mosses and the like growing on grout just disgusts me to no end. And this, theoretically is my summer yoga studio. The downstairs yoga room is supposed to be my winter studio. It’s just gotten a LOT of use these days, unfortunately.

It was yucky. Bleach galore. And then water galore to dilute the bleach so it doesn’t kill the plants growing along the sides of the porch.

Another horrid side effect of the endless rain? BUGS. Not in my house, but on my plants. Plants that never saw any insect damage before are lacy with holes, the handiwork of hungry bugs brought out by the excessive moisture in the air. I don’t understand the connection. But I have been told that bugs are out in force this spring/summer due to the rain.

I realize this is boring as hell.

I also had my MRI today, to check whether my left implant has ruptured. Yeah, fun. I fell asleep. Pretty impressive, if I do say so myself. I guess I can never claim to be claustrophobic. I am very very very low grade anxious about the results…like what if they see something they weren’t even looking for, if you know what I mean…? But that’s what I thought when I had my head CT to diagnose my deviated septum. So nothing new there.

Anyway, still boring.

So, yeah, speaking of clean, I’ve decided to go cold turkey on some of the meds on which I have been dependant since seven years ago, when I was diagnosed with cancer. Tapering doesn’t work for me. Maybe cold turkey won’t either. But tapering gave me too much to ponder. Too complicated. Cold turkey is much better for me. I think. We shall see. It’s been two days, and so far so good.

Hand-disabled yoga later today.



2 Responses to Getting clean

  1. Anonymous says:

    hi, I just saw the movie Food Inc, if you have a chance, see it, even though it is very disturbing. Also, for bugs (mostly slugs) set out glasses of beer, we catch a lot of them that way, and feed them to the fish.

  2. LI Ashtangini says:

    I am experiencing the same bug problem. They aren't eating any of the edible stuff except the basil.

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