frazzled. broken. optimistic.

Broke my hand today doing titti c. so dont expect good grammar or spelling. it’s called a boxer’s fracture. funny because i have been watching Burn Notice on tv and recently heard the main character talking about all the little bones in your hand that you could break while punchin someone in the face. when i lost my balance, and broke my fall with my thumb, i heard a little snap.

like a chicken bone.

oh, snap.

of course i kept going, even did the seven headstands. even did backbends on one hand. and such good backbends too. oh well. they will still be there in 6-8 weeks. maybe even moreso, since i wont be muscling-up with vinyasas. the plan is to run and hike for exercise and streeeeeeetch…work the legs behind the head, backbends that don’t involve balancing on hands…for example, dwi viparita dandadasana, which is yummy anyway…and non-binding twists, like ardha matsyandrasana.

i like challenges.

but why frazzled? because i have so much householder and other stuff to deal with. a small leak on the third floor causing mold on the second floor, a bunch of anthills i want obliterated, brian’s pc needing geek-squad attention stat, a broken dishwasher (husband is doing all dishes until it is fixed, hopefully thurs, because he is steadfastly refusing to buy a new dishwasher until he can convince himself that fisher & paykel isn’t really going to replace this lemon) as well as a sudden urge to redo my fucking-awful re-reconstruction and the urge is deep and distressing, a haircut appointment tomorrow morning, a new housekeeper coming tuesday morning (praise science), and now to find an orthopedic surgeon/sports medicine doctor to deal with my ongoing hand care (emergency room is only the diagnosis and quick cast).

and also: class parties, masters program orientation, playoff games (brian’s team made the semi-finals…go brian!!), packing for camp (trunks leave on the 20th!!).

but as i said, i love a challenge. love when i have to make due. it may be the drama queen in me. so, i am psyched for a different kind of fitness experience this summer. whatever it is, however it turns out, i have no choice.

might as well roll with it.



One Response to frazzled. broken. optimistic.

  1. LI Ashtangini says:

    Nadi Shodana…..supposedly that's why. Not that it necessarily matters. But you asked. 🙂

    Sorry to hear about your hand.

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