Yesterday and today

Yesterday, a very quick Second Series practice, minus Standing Series. I know that seems odd, but I did Sun Salutations in the morning then had to stop and do other things. When I came back to the yoga later in the day, I already felt very warm and didn’t feel like running through the Sun Salutations again, or any of Standing for that matter. I just got right into it. And it was fine. Some days are like that.

Today, I kind of sleepwalked into my yoga room and began. Before I knew it, I had finished Primary, and barely 50 minutes had elapsed. Had I gotten the time wrong? I was just about to do backbends when I got a phone call from upstairs (it’s ridiculous, I know, but the yoga room is pretty damn soundproof, given that it is constructed partially within the house’s concrete foundation) saying that the baseball game for tonight was cancelled. So, I got back to practicing, did Second up to Kapotasana plus a LOT of backbend research. I used my trusty step-ladder, and I strapped my legs, then my arms, then my legs and my arms. And I wonder if I will ever bother backbending again WITHOUT a strap.

Feeling all energized, I went outside afterwards and cleared the weeds out of two beds (that I haven’t photograped yet, since neither is in flower). One is looking good – the Catmint is starting to bloom, and behind the Catmint are a cluster of pink Astilbe. Catmint loves sun, and it gets sun. But this bed peaks out from under a tree, so behind the Catmint it’s all shade: hence, the Astilbe. I transplanted a whole bunch of Columbine seedlings around another shady edge of that bed. We shall see how they do. But I am spurred on by the amazing Columbines in my woodland garden. They seem to have taken off without any help on my part at all, except for the initial planting.

The other bed I tended to today is sorely disappointing. At the back are some evergreen shrubs: Boxwood alternating with Andromeda. Next to that is ivy climbing a bare wall and in front of that, a trellis with a beautiful, young Wisteria. In front of all that, I had thought that I would create a cutting bed of Zinnias, my favorite summer annual. But having planted hundreds of Zinnias, only a handful have come up. And they’re all concentrated around the front edge of the bed, leading me suspect that the bed does not get enough sun for Zinnias. I’m not convinced yet, however, since it has barely been sunny at all this spring. Tomorrow, if I am still motivated, I am going to transplant a whole mass of Foxglove seedlings. Foxgloves can handle part-sun.

I also have a bunch of Hollyhock seedlings which I am not sure what to do with. I think they need sun, like Zinnias do.

Must think. Man, I am so much more obsessed with my flower gardening than I am with yoga.

I should call myself Aesthetic Gardening Chickie.



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