On the 8th day…

there was rest. I felt rather like shit today, actually. Wasn’t even up for gardening although I did a bit. Moved a few flowering shrubs that seemed to want to be somewhere else, moved a line of Daylillies that definitely wanted a new home. And then I lost my mojo. Still have some moving of flowering shrubs to do, but it can wait. Maybe later tomorrow.

There is no question that this crappy weather effects me, makes me sluggish and loguey. It also doesn’t help that my tooth problem from three months ago is STILL not fully resolved. I am noticing it today again. Sensitivity in the tooth followed by a radiating ache. Nothing that a couple of Advil can’t fix, but it is distressing nontheless, especially for someone like me who is so sensitive to every little ache and pain (I was always that way…it wasn’t the cancer that made me that way..it’s probably why I discovered my cancer!).

Anyway, so tomorrow I have my weekly shrinking, and it’s one of those weeks when I promised to come in, instead of literally phoning it in. So, just like those weeks when my computer lab ended early or didn’t happen for one reason or another, I could actually go in and practice midmorning with…that teacher who I really don’t much enjoy practicing with.

Except for one thing: she is not on the schedule. What gives? Is she GONE??!!!

I thoroughly enjoy practicing with YS’s go-to-subs. But I don’t want to get attached to the scenario in case it doesn’t last…

Does anyone know?



9 Responses to On the 8th day…

  1. Anonymous says:

    we should be so lucky. I think that teacher is just away. LOTS of people went to India. maybe that’s it. ask a sub, maybe if you go.

  2. DebPC says:

    Even God rests, you know. Nothing wrong with that.

  3. Yoga Chickie says:

    Oh crap. How I wish Lori B would be given that slot. She has it all – everything I like in a teacher at this point. Maybe it’s because she was a Jivamukti teacher first and so has exposure to the notion that not all rules apply equally to all bodies…

  4. Anonymous says:

    That would be lovely. There have been lots of defections. You’d think they would get the message, but some of the people who stayed have really drunk the kool-aid. Unfortunately, I think some of the least experienced students may lack perspective on the approach and teaching style.

  5. Yoga Chickie says:

    Deb, we won’t go there.

    And yeah, Nony, I can see how some students who are new to the practice and looking for something completely out there might think it is way cool to have the practice interrupted for “quiz time” and “heckle time”. I’m over it, myself. Did get some good arthritis advice though, but I got the same advice here on the blog from another Anony.

  6. Anon # 2 says:

    The teacher is on the schedule next week.

    I think the teacher has much to offer and generally means well.

    It’s just that the first encounter is like being hit by a truck.

  7. 救援部 says:


  8. 逆援交際 says:


  9. 家出 says:


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