Day 7!

That’s all I wanted to say…shocking as it is (both that I practiced seven days in a row and that I have nothing else to say).

OK, and this: sooooo delightful!!!!!! I’ll take a day off when I am tired and sore. Tomorrow? Or whenever it rains next, I am guessing…



5 Responses to Day 7!

  1. Anonymous says:

    This has been bugging me since I made (ambit) claims about Indian houses so, post googling, to set the record straight:

    Wikisource’s Hatha Yoga Pradipika has bad news:

    12 The Yogi or Yogini should practice Hatha Yoga in a small room, situated in a solitary place, being 4 cubits square, and free from stones, fire, water, disturbances of all kinds, and in a country where justice is properly administered, where good people live, and food can be obtained easily and plentifully.

    inconvenient news:

    13 The room should have a small door, be free from holes, hollows, neither too high nor too low, well plastered with cow-dung and free from dirt, filth and insects. On its outside there should be bowers, raised platform (chabootrā), a well, and a compound. These characteristics of a room for Hatha Yogis and Hatha Yoginis have been described by adepts in the practice of Hatha…

    And finally the good news:

    15 Yoga is destroyed by the following six causes:– Over-eating, exertion, talkativeness, adhering to rules, i.e., cold bath in the morning, eating at night, or eating fruits only…

    Though not unalloyed

    the company of men, and unsteadiness.

    16 The following six bring speedy success:– Courage, daring, perseverance, discriminative knowledge, faith, aloofness from company.

    And I still say that, growing up in India, I saw lots of yoga being practiced in verandahs, under trees, etc. For what it’s worth.


  2. amazingdrx says:

    Great idea! I am trail running daily, training for a trail marathon, and doing yoga right on the trail. I drop and do a frog series or a gate series or a balance series and so forth.

    By warming up the body with some extra effort on a hill I can really move my inflexible parts. They flow like wax. I’m taking teacher training so i can start a trail resort for running, hiking, biking, skiing, paddling all with yoga.

    I have some great pics and video of yoga poses in the stream where I set up my sweat lodge. Outdoors! That’s it. Zen is nature is life is us. Auuum

  3. 救援部 says:


  4. 逆援交際 says:


  5. 家出 says:


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