Day 2 of the Solar Powered Chickie

I think I am going to try to keep track of my practices for a bit, hold myself accountable.

So, today, Full Primary, then Second to Kapotasana. Skipped Laghu Vaj because, well, because I really can’t stand that pose, even though I can do it. Besides, Ustrasana is so much more important, and I do that like three times.

Practiced outside after a lunch of swiss cheese, fake bacon and avocado on a flour tortilla, so there were some kind of pukey moments. But it’s still good. Thank you, sun.

Oh, did some interesting backbend research that I think might be worth doing again: I dropped back with my feet planted a couple of feet away from the wall, and as I went back, I would not let my heels come up. That meant that I had to crawl my hands down the wall instead of dropping directly to the floor. But wow, what a stretch of my front body.

That’s all.



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