First early morning practice since, I think, last summer…

Got up at 6:30 this morning, got the kids off to school, got into a hot hot bath and emerged a half hour later and got directly on the mat, still dripping wet. OK, I did put on shorts and a top first. But I was Surya Namaskar-ing by 8:45 a.m., and THAT is nothing short of miraculous.

Got finished with Full Primary through Kapotasana, three backbends and an abbreviated finishing sequence by 10:10 and then got myself to Stats Class….twenty minutes late. But how lucky am I? Teacher was just going over the exam, on which I scored a 96. So, I missed nothing that I needed to know. I am slightly annoyed that I lost two points for failing to write a “-” on a negative number that I was required to turn into an absolute value anyway. But whatever. And the other two points were lost when I failed to read through the following double negative properly: “A researcher who rejects the null hypothesis when it is actually true is making a _________ error.” The answer was Type I, which means that the researcher found an effect where none existed. I wrote that. And then I crossed it out in favor of Type II, which means that the researcher failed to find an effect when there actually WAS one. TOOO many negatives. I KNOW what a Type I Error is, for goddsakes.

Eh. Who cares?

Now I am off and runnng again. Heading to run errands for the big Partay tonight in honor of Brian turning…12!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

How can I have a 12-year old? I’m only 12 myself!



2 Responses to First early morning practice since, I think, last summer…

  1. hyla says:


    why statistics? psychology, perhaps?

  2. Ritesh says:

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