Backbends are working right now

Not sure why, but they seem to be improving. Really improving. I may never be a “backbendy” kind of yogi, but I might sort out a serviceable backbending practice after all. We shall see.

I’m also learning to own my not wanting to go to a shala to practice. I mean, I kinda sorta wanta practice with a teacher. But I would RATHER practice myself. Right now. Things change. They always change. Especially for me.



2 Responses to Backbends are working right now

  1. Tracy says:

    Love it!! and..just so you know, i think things change even more for me..i’ll explain later :0) xo

  2. YogaforCynics says:

    Having amazed myself by suddenly doing camel pose last week (when I seriously hadn’t gotten within half a foot…okay, maybe slightly more than that), I’m finding I might be a somewhat more “backbendy” yogi as well…no question about things changing…sometimes when ya least expect it…

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