Answer me this: Why NOT wear a helmet???

Seriously. I mean SERIOUSLY. Friggin seriously.

What’s NOT to like about a helmet?
Honestly, I look down on people who don’t wear helmets. Sorry. But it’s true.

What happened to Natasha Richardson is definitely some kind of freak accident, the details of which we may never fully understand. But one thing is clear from every news source: it wouldn’t have been nearly so bad if she had just been wearing a helmet.

Well, at least she looked “cool”. I hope her kids remember her that way, instead of as a selfish ASS who was too vain to properly secure her head in a dangerous sport, bunny hill or no bunny hill. And anyone who skis or rides double blacks without a helmet is just way too stupid to be allowed to comment here.


Oh – and P.S. – this rocky passage is the bunny slope on which Richardson met her fate.


8 Responses to Answer me this: Why NOT wear a helmet???

  1. shd says:

    how do you know that’s the run she fell on? what run is that?
    in canada, all children under age 18 are required to wear helmets for skiing (and skating) but adults can make their own choice. most (older) skiers who grew up with the sport don’t wear helmets.

  2. Yoga Chickie says:

    S – that is a photo of Nansen, where she fell. Looks very rocky to me. I can’t imagine skiing without a helmet, despite that I learned without a helmet. Would you ride without a seatbelt? I grew up riding without a seatbelt, but I wear one now. Would you put your kids in the front passenger seat, even though your parents used to do that with you?

    Again, what is NOT to like about a helmet?

  3. shd says:

    I do wear a hemet (I have since my first trip to whistler over 10 years ago), but my mother doesn’t and neither do most of her friends. It’s not like they’re opposed to it at all- in fact most think it’s a great idea- it’s just that they’ve all been skiing (in montreal) for the past 40+ years with hats on their heads! Although, I’m sure more people will start wearing them now.
    I’m so sad about this- I grew up skiing at tremblant and my kids will too, so it feels so personal to me.

  4. Yoga Chickie says:

    It is VERY sad. I spent all last night frantically googling the story, trying to prove to myself that it wasn’t true. I couldn’t bear to absorb it. I still am shattered, obviously. Or I wouldn’t be belaboring it.

    The fact that your mom and her friends don’t wear helmets doesn’t mean that it isn’t foolish. They SHOULD wear helmets. EVERYONE should.

    I think I am a better skiier for wearing a helmet…I am more willing to be daring because I know that my head is in a tough shell.

  5. Anonymous says:

    Terribly tragic end to this beautiful woman’s life! I agree with you completely about helmets. How many people now in the public eye have died skiing without one? Sonny Bono and days earlier Michael Kennedy and recently John McWethy.

  6. Susan says:

    Wow, I hope her kids remember her as a great mom….not as a selfish ASS who was too vain.

  7. Yoga Chickie says:

    I don’t Natasha Richardson was an ass. I do think that it was really really tragically bad judgement to not wear a helmet while skiing. And it is even more tragic because she never got a second chance.

  8. Anonymous says:

    I’m mortified by your comment about NR looking like an ASS. My, how very compassionate and yogic of you. I’d say you’re the one who looks like said ass.

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