Consider this a drive-by posting…

Back in school, have an exam Friday. I can’t believe how much I enjoy being in school. Thought stats would be difficult. But it’s pretty logical. And the profesora gives us a practice exam this week and goes over it with us, and I have a feeling that the entire universe of what will be on the test will be included in this practice exam. Reminds me of the way it worked when I took Micro-economics at Tufts. And that worked out quite well for me. I don’t exactly have a photographic memory, would that I did. But close enough.

Practice is just kind of blah punctuated by less blah here and there. I’m pretty much just marking off the days until it’s warm again. Until then, I have discovered that practicing right smack in front of my fireplace, with a fire going (duh), can help me get the tapas going. Still, even with that, it is hard to get going in the morning. I wake up creaky and sore and cold. And I can never seem to warm up unless I’m in the bath or in front of that fire. I hate winter. There, I said it. I hate winter. I love skiing, but I hate winter. I don’t understand it either. It just is what it is.

Speaking of skiing, heading out west on Saturday. Back to the Canyons in Utah. Spent last weekend in Vermont and got the ski legs going. And I’ve been running hills here and on the treadmill. And hiking. So, I’m hoping for some good athletic skiing. Specifically, I’m hoping for some good tree runs. I don’t know what it is about winding among trees, but I love it. Second favorite is bumps. Skiing trees is kind of like skiing bumps. But it leaves less options open – you have to turn to avoid trees. And I would say that my number one failing in skiing bumps is a failure to commit to my turns. So, that problem goes away when there are trees to tell you where you MUST turn.

What else? Let’s see…sister-in-law’s wedding was today. Really fun. Really happy she got married! Yay Jill! Really happy that I’m going to have family in Boston now! Me loves me some New England time. Not in February, of course, which is BRUTAL in Boston. But any other time.

And yeah, facebook is taking hold. More immediate gratification than blogging. And since I am more pressed for time lately, well, it makes sense. Plus, nothing new is happening in my practice. At all. Probably won’t be for some time. Or ever. I’m at that infamous crossroads, where so many people quit. Primary is “conquered”, and the rest of it just seems like an amplification of what has already been done. The excitement dwindles. But I don’t plan on quitting. And I hope those don’t prove to be “famous last words”. But I don’t plan on quitting, so there.



One Response to Consider this a drive-by posting…

  1. elise says:

    drive by posting? i get tempted to do the same…

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