4 Miles

In 45 minutes, ALL hills. Not just rolling hills like in Central Park. Damn, I miss Central Park at times like this. On the other hand, I HATED running TO Central Park only to have to run IN Central Park.

No yoga today – that would be insane, and I am trying to stay on the right side of that whole insanity thing. Probably won’t do anything but stretch because that is not insane.

Then tomorrow, jury’s out over whether it will be Hot Vinyasa at the place in Cross River or my own practice at home.

As for bygones, I did my my entire practice in full yesterday, without any stops for R&D. I didn’t have a great Kapo, but damn, did I have an awesome Supta K – the husband gave me an AWESOME assist. I told him to pull my arms UP, as if he were trying to lift me up by them. I wish I could get that assist every day.

The day before, Primary. The day before, ran.

The day before, practiced up to Kapotasana.

The day before, personal moon day, also known as my body saying, “PLEASE!! GIVE ME SOME REST!”

Thinking about it, I should probably do the Hot Vinyasa tomorrow, then my full practice at Val’s on Thursday. Friday, I don’t know. I’m losing track of how many days a week I am getting to my various poses. I kind of care, but I kind of don’t.

All I know is this, and I kept thinking it as I was sweating in my Hot Chilly’s and my fleece today on the frigid back hills of Bedford between St. Mary’s Church, which is only open once a month and only then in the summer, and Hopp Ground Road: this is only going to get better. And that goes for the yoga too. Whatever I am doing now, in 15 degrees, is only going to feel better come March…and the good will last all the way until at least October.

If it weren’t for the antique houses with the shutters that can actually close, perched precariously close to the road (because when they were built, the road was made of dirt, and the primary mode of transportation was walking and horseback riding, so who needed a long and winding driveway? Who needed a driveway at all?) and the one-room schoolhouses and the signs that proclaim that this town was settled as early as 1673 (which is really big here in this country, not so much elsewhere, I know), and the many, many ponds and streams, and the freakish, unidentifiable gray furry beast feeding on someone’s rhodedendron, the surrealistic quiet, and the amazingly dense darkness when the moon is new…I’d pack it up and move to someplace warm. This much I know.



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