Kapo in the hall…now with belts!

If there were ever any doubt, I think it can now be safely said that I have no vanity (left). I’m wearing paint spattered yoga pants, my hair is looking particularly grizzled, my skin looks like I’ve spent all my life in Antarctica, and the light hits me just so….(just so that I look like death warmed over). Still, I wanted to post this because, wow, if you have a hallway in your house that is just wide enough to accomodate your shins, feet, hands and forearms, then you too can strap yourself into Kapotasana (or almost…because although my hands technically reach my feet in this video, my death grip on the belts interferes with my ability to actually lengthen my fingers to touch my toes).

Enjoy responsibly. (In other words, don’t try this at home unless you are certain that your rotator cuffs can handle it.)



2 Responses to Kapo in the hall…now with belts!

  1. DebPC says:

    No vanity or all vanity?

  2. Anonymous says:

    A great idea! Thank you!

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