Cleanses: What a Wonderful Way to Say "I Have an Eating Disorder"

It’s been a while, I know. I am in a bit of a funk. Hiked and rock climbed my ass off in Arizona, did a couple of Mysore practices there too, with the gracious Donutszenmom, who even drove me to her studio, since I was playing the role of petulant teenager to my parents all week and didn’t have my own car. It was kind of like my parents had three kids – me and my kids.

Came home, struggled mightily with laziness and ennui. Did a Hot Yoga class on Monday that I loved theoretically – loved the heat, loved the freedom to do whatever the fuck I wanted, loved being the advanced chick in the class. But I hate all the talk. HATE IT. HATE IT HATE IT HATE IT. Necessary evil, I suppose.

Mainly, I’ve been struggling with feeling like crap. Ever since I went to the hospital and got that God-forsaken Zometa infusion, I have been under it. I feel woozy. Caffeine helps, but then, I become dependent on it. The light in Arizona helped. But now I am back to New England In New York. Who knew it would be Boston weather in Bedford? It’s all dreary all the time.

ANYWAY, being all grumpy and out of sorts, I haven’t wanted to write much. Even when I have a good practice. It just doesn’t seem all that joyful when it’s just rolling that rock up the hill only to have it roll back down again. Day in day out. Boredom.

So to entertain myself, I get mad.

And the latest thing that made me mad was Gwyneth Paltrow’s retarded email newsletter, GOOP, which speaks of her love of fasting and eating castor oil after binging on holiday food. Sounds almost like….another way to say “I have an eating disorder that I can be proud of”.

Go ahead, read it. See if it rings true.

Grumpily yours,



8 Responses to Cleanses: What a Wonderful Way to Say "I Have an Eating Disorder"

  1. lgr says:

    No excuses. I know why you don’t blog anymore! My sources tell me you’re spending way too much time on FACEBOOK. You are forever going to leave blogland soon

    Eating disorder? What is an eating disorder?

  2. Yogamum says:

    Loved the article. I am deeply suspicious of all the cleanse stuff, and Punch Your Mama (LOL!).

  3. BeBe says:

    Yes, I agree that your stay in Arizona was reminiscent of the teenage years without all of the petulance and sibling rivalry. It was still a challenge. Glad you had a chance to relax and recoup. We have recovered well and it was wonderful to have extended time with those two terrific boys of ours.

  4. Anonymous says:

    You’re article is nice but you missed the point on Gwyneth completely. She goes on in that GOOP entry to say she doesn’t do the heavy duty lemonade cleanse in the winter and posted a whole week’s worth of a really good diet to have to detox gently eating plenty of foods…good ones…soups, fish, etc. She’s not starving herself just to cleanse all the time as some people do.

  5. Anonymous says:

    you should try something first before throwing stones( Eating disorders/plastic surgery? whats the difference really by the way? all comes out of the same stream if you ask me)

  6. Yoga Chickie says:

    Well, Anonymous #2, it is NOT the same. Plastic surgery is ABOUT the appearance. It is not pretending to be something it is not.

  7. Anonymous says:

    no, take it from one who knows, eating disorders and plastic surgery for purely cosmetic reasons all comes from the same self control mind stream( i know you know this)…at the same time learning how to control your food consumption can actually be a positive if not taken too overboard. As far as cleanses are concerned, certainly there are some practices out there that are not for everyone, but its not something worth sensationalizing as you did in your “essay”. There is so much crap out there in the webosphere! you have a platform to use it in a really great and informative way!! Don’t get off track… No one interested in yoga really cares that much about a movie star and her diet regimen.
    It sounds to me like you probably just want to meet her yourself honestly.

  8. Yoga Chickie says:

    Ha. You get that from reading what I wrote? Funny.

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