Recession, you say? Where can I get a copy of that memo, please?

OK, maybe that’s a bit of an exaggeration, but seriously, I do find it odd that the New York Times reports on the recession and then in their weekly magazine advertises the most insanely outrageously expensive luxury goods I’ve ever seen. And let’s not forget the beef-jerky handbag. Or Candace Bushnell’s television treatment of Lipstick Jungle, which does for the Manhattan dwellers living in the midst of economic ground zero what Sex and the City did for skinny girls eating like truck drivers.

So, I ask the obvious question: What Recession?



One Response to Recession, you say? Where can I get a copy of that memo, please?

  1. Arturo says:

    hi Lauren
    they just completed a new Guggi store in Union Square here, moving the old one to it and all sorts of other luxury stores have been completed recently – Prada, DeBeers, Barney’s. There are sectors of people with disposable income. One thing that seems to indicate a slight bit of recession to me, I don’t know why, is that instead of hip Apple ads in the metro stops downtown, all of the ads belong to Tiffany’s. All of the columns have been painted their trademark blue. Does that say that it’s only the luxury brands that have money to spend on advertising and stores? Possibly. But there is a recession. Maybe you are in a bit of a bubble. Maybe those neighbors are not going to Puerto Rico for the holidays, for example, but staying around you these holidays. That hurts the island’s tourism economy. You may not see the immediate effects of the recession, but it is present. You see it in the lack of infrastructure maintenance in small towns strewn around the country.


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