Kapotasana…Now, with TWO feet!!

Yes, today, I easily touched my toes in Kapotasana (with assistance from Val). If you’ve been reading this blog for a while, then you know it’s not the first time I got hands to feet. BUT….it is the first time that they got there without the searing feeling of skin, tendons and muscles tearing, and without the numbness that followed. It was AWESOME!!

And it’s all because of the bed-hang-with-weights. Which is all because of my friend, Melissa, who practices at Val’s, and Val, who told me that what I needed to do was to open my UPPER back, because my lower back is open enough (for now), but my upper back was barely bending.

So, today, I told Val that I had gotten my right toe on my own yesterday. So, she came over to me and put my left hand on my left foot….and then my right. Made perfect sense. And I breathed. And I breathed!


Not that any of this matters. But it kinda does. Not that it should. But it kinda does just the same.



2 Responses to Kapotasana…Now, with TWO feet!!

  1. Kevin says:

    OK YC, so how do you bed hanging with weights?

  2. Arturo says:

    hi Lauren

    i don’t have weights around. will coffee cans or books do? my teacher has me doing sofa hangs. i do them before practice at the shala in the lobby. the weight idea sounds good, if it will get the upper thoracic open, if that is what, as you say, needs to open. my bed at home, though is very high and my teacher recommends a bed at the height of a futon.

    by the way, i do agree that numbness is not a good thing. i was just passing in Donuts’ blog about what CK said about her experience. personally, i would be scared to feel numbness anywhere.

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