My Right Foot

I can touch it! In Kapotasana. Myself!! Not my left. Not yet. But someday? YES!!! Someday!!!

I took some video footage but ran out of space before I could come back up from Kapo B. But still, this is a huge improvement from where I was at a year ago….

Gotta love those bed hangs…



4 Responses to My Right Foot

  1. susananda says:

    Hi YC,
    Looks good… I would just recommend (sorry I can’t help giving backbending advice!) that when you first go back with hands in prayer, and you start to take your arms over, keep your elbows close together for as long as you can. That is the action in the shoulders you need once you get down.

  2. Claudia says:

    That looks amazing!

  3. donutszenmom says:

    Nice work! I had to laugh when the video began, because I orient myself to the wall in exactly the same way when I practice kapo.

    And yes, the bed hangs are quite good. Tell me about how you use the weight? Just holding on to a couple of dumbbells? What amount of weight are you using?

  4. andrews says:

    Really its amazing video…. good work šŸ™‚
    Yoga School

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