Coloring outside the lines

The new program continues:

Second Series with Richard today. Tomorrow Primary. Tuesday 1/2 and 1/2. Wednesday Bikram or a Kundalini DVD, depending on my mood, and largely depending on how cold it is (the colder it is, the more I want Bikram, and vice versa). Thursday 1/2 and 1/2 with Val. Friday, Primary.

When I say Primary, I should note that I always include Pasasana, usually after Mari D.

And whenever I am practicing at home, I always include the Samakonasana and Hanumanasana cycle that Tim Miller taught us at the workshop. It really really helps me. Someday, perhaps, I will get rid of it, when I am more open in the hip flexors. But that could be a very very very long time from now. And even as I write this, I think, perhaps I wouldn’t want to get rid of two really awesome poses that I won’t ever have as part of any “series” (because lord knows, I am never going to practice up to Samakonasana in any Ashtanga series, unless at some point they add it into Primary or Second Series).

And I usually warm my spine up with some Kundalini “stomach grinds” and “camel rides”.

Oh, and I have taken to hanging over my bed with weights in my hands too as a pre-yoga warmup.

I am definitely going way off the page here. And I am LOVING it. It’s still Ashtanga, but I’m coloring WAY outside the lines.

ALSO, I have made a promise to myself to walk every day, minimum of 30 minutes. I have so much time on my hands. It is insane not to be outside in the fresh air for some of it. When I lived in the city, I used to walk Lewis-the-Bagle three times a day, so I think I can handle adding a little nature-walking to my life. Until summer, when the gardening kicks in again.



2 Responses to Coloring outside the lines

  1. DebPC says:

    I wonder why you feel the need to note that “it’s still Ashtanga.”

  2. Yoga Chickie says:

    I think I am being a bit inflammatory – I expect that people who use words like “criminal” to describe doing things that are not “strictly” the series – would say “That’s not ashtanga”. And I would like to make the statement that it IS ashtanga. It’s just my way of doing it, right now.

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