The winter gardening

Nothing left to do in the garden now but watch everything shrink and die. And that’s depressing. And so, I am doing some winter gardening – also known as winterizing the hairstyle. I’ve abandoned my curls for the foreseeable future, with the help of a $10 box of chemicals courtesy of Ogilvie (of home perm fame) and a $13 bob from Supercuts. I’m super-pleased with the straightening results, not quite as pleased with the bob results, having had Katie Holmes in mind as a hair role model (BEFORE she got the mom haircut that she’s currently sporting), and ending up with what seems to be more Suri Cruise. Ah well. It will grow back. I always figure: if I’ve withstood being bald as a cueball with no eyelashes or eyebrows, I can withstand any unfortunate haircut. And this one isn’t that unfortunate. It’s just not as casual and “sexy” as I usually like my hair to be. It will grow back. It will grow back. I just keep telling myself that.

Here’s an attempt at sass – to make up for the lack of long waves to swing about…

Oh, and the yoga? Doing it. Bored as hell. But doing it. Hiked three miles every day except Wednesday as well, which helps to alleviate the boredom.

Waiting for the stable some renovations before getting back on Chance The Horse, by the way, as I know some of you were wondering.



6 Responses to The winter gardening

  1. boodiba says:

    I used to get my hair cut by this guy who was obsessed with blowing it out straight. I let him do it once & was horrified. So was the Israeli guy I was dating at the time.

    Straight hair makes me look conservative, like a newscaster or something.

    It doesn't do that to you!

  2. Anonymous says:

    Maybe yoga is boring you so much because you are doing just the asanas part? I;ve heard it said that it can’t all be just physical exercise but I’m no expert. My yogi friend says she needs the asanas a lot but she also does a lot of breathing exercises and meditation as well. And she’s a vegetarian too. Just a thought…

  3. ryal says:

    I’m doing research on breast cancer and yoga as my 80-year old mom is about to have a masectomy tomorrow. As a yoga teacher-in-training, I’m looking for advice on how I can help her with her recovery, and other women as well. The good news is that you’d never know that she is 80 – full of fun, in great shape – one of my friends thought that she was in her 60’s!
    I read your bio with great admiration and was hoping you could give me some tips and encouragement.
    Thanks! Namaste.

  4. Yoga Chickie says:

    Wow – a mastectomy at 80. This is surprising to me because it is a really big surgery, and not necessarily necessary to treat breast cancer (lumpectomy is often sufficient). Of course, I don’t know your mom’s case. But I am curious as to why she chose mastectomy. Could you elaborate?

    I ask because it will also give me insight into the issue of whether she is losing lymph nodes in the surgery. That makes a difference in recovery and mobility and the safety of rehabilitating mobility.

    Hope your mom is feeling well today and that all goes well!

  5. ryal says:

    Mom is doing great today – just visited her and am so relieved that she is her spunky self and looks beautiful.
    This is actually her 2nd occurrence of breast cancer – 22 years later- same breast. The first time she had a lumpectomy w/radiation. This time around she was advised to go for the full thing – thought it was “modified” in the sense that they left the muscle. She will know tomorrow if she needs radiation – I hope not.
    She was already able to lift her arm today and walked over to the bathroom twice without any assistance – and best of all – she was in good spirits.
    Thank you so much for your response.

  6. Yoga Chickie says:

    Ryal – I met an 83 year old breast cancer patient today. She looked her age, but was she ever spunky! Wow. She had a lumpectomy and isn’t doing any other treatment because her cancer was stage 0, meaning it was not invasive. Hope your mom has an easy recovery.

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