Today’s backbend

I guess I only take these when I am feeling really good, physically, while backbending. It makes me want to see and record what it actually looks like to feel the way that feels.

Had a six-day practice week last week, took Friday and Saturday off, started again yesterday. Yesterday was Primary plus Pasasana and today was my full practice, up to Eka Pada. I wore socks during Kapotasana and and touched them – stretched them way out of course. But the straighten and walk, straighten and walk (the hands) method seems to be helping quite a bit.

Now that gardening season is offically over (first killing frost was this morning, and it killed all my Begonias, surprisingly, since I believe the Good Doctor assured me they would last until December…well, maybe in the city), I need another physical outlet. So, on Saturday, I took my first hike in a nearby Nature Preserve that actually allows dogs. It was SO much fun. Reminded me of walking Lewis in the city, except whereas we would see 40 dogs each time we walked in the city, now we see about 4. I went yesterday and today also. Took about an hour each time, took different paths, got a bit lost, as would be expected, and which makes it all the more fun – since you know you will get unlost eventually, it’s not scary, but rather challenging, breathed in a lot of fresh autumn air, took in a lot of gorgeous autumn sights and decided that like it or not (and at the moment, I do like), I am going to walk Lewis on a daily basis. That dog is so so happy when I get out the leash, and he is a different (read: perfectly behaved) dog when he’s out in nature. So, I am going to make time for walking this winter. It should be good for me too. Good for the legs, good for the heart, good for the sake of mixing things up.

I’m very excited!



One Response to Today’s backbend

  1. Anonymous says:

    That looks very good!, impressive 🙂

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