It’s always a good sign when I want to do a photo shoot..

So, here is the result of a summer of warm weather, a lot of Kapotasanas and sheer persistence. Maybe you can’t see progress, but it FEELS better to me. I always say that…because it’s always true.

Uh oh…this one was taken in June…is there really much of a difference at all…maybe a teeny bit of arm angle was reduced since June. But, crap. This DOES take a long time. For me at least.


7 Responses to It’s always a good sign when I want to do a photo shoot..

  1. LI Ashtangini says:

    Honestly it does look more even. The legs look like they are more in line in the newer picture.

  2. Yoga Chickie says:

    Awww. I hope you’re not just being nice!

  3. LI Ashtangini says:

    Nope, swear, the legs look like they are in a better spot in relation to your upper body. It just looks a tad more even to me. But what do I know, eh?

  4. Elaina says:

    Also, the bend looks deeper in the upper back, the front of your chest is melting forward, and as a result your upper body is coming through the arms more. Seriously compare the two, and check out how much of your upper back disappears.

    And if those mats are the same length, your hands and feet are way closer together! 🙂

    Good work, it is beautiful!

  5. cranky housefrau says:

    i agree. definitely more open. good work 🙂

  6. Carl says:

    You look great! You form a smoother bow. It looks like there’s an obvious difference at the fronts of your hips.

    If you haven’t heard about the Pelvic Power book you should check it out. Don’t even rebut that your pelvic region isn’t what you need to work on for backbends, blah blah blah. The book is cheap at Amazon — $14 or so — so buy it and start doing what the author says. It’s really good!

  7. Yoga Chickie says:

    yes, carl – PELVIS!!! I know!! I totally understand.

    Thanks everyone. I still think you’re all being extraordinarily nice…

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