Afraid of an ASANA?? You bet your spinal cord, I am.

I had the deepest Kapotasana today that I have ever had. S was pulling my thighs forward. The Good Doc was taking my hands to my feet. Instead of feeling a pull in my triceps or in my hip flexors, I felt my back…BEND.

I know…it’s supposed to.

But I never thought it would.

It really bent where it has never bent before, and I had the sensation of closing up like a clamshell.

I know…this is desirable. This is what I have wanted. This is what everyone else is doing when they grab their heels, when they take their ankles. In fact, I am sure that what I experienced is quite a bit less than all that.

Yet it freaked me out.

I was terrified that I would break. Or something. I was terrified to breathe. I don’t know why.

Tomorrow, I want to try it again…with breathing.

Also – learning to jump into Bujapidasana is finally happening for real. I can jump into a very low, wide Tittibhasana. At least I can land, right? Now, I just need to get higher on my legs. There is time. It’s not going anywhere, but since I have been working at this for a while, I thought it was time to share.



2 Responses to Afraid of an ASANA?? You bet your spinal cord, I am.

  1. Claudia says:

    Congratulations!!! I am carried away myself by your excitement! and can only imagine the GD telling you to BREATH… BREATH…

    🙂 you go!

  2. boodiba says:

    I think I missed that!

    Did you go today? I didn’t. So far I haven’t done a 4 day consecutive run of my 3rd series up there. Mars. And now I’ve got more of it…

    Ah wells. I’ll be there Thurs/Fri.

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