So, you think you’re so yogic?




Perhaps I might interest you in a little self-examination to go with that denial?



4 Responses to So, you think you’re so yogic?

  1. Dirk says:

    Hi Lauren!
    Nice to read and easy to comprehend. Although I probably missed some details, not being a native speaker.
    Cheers – ups – Namaste,

  2. Lisa says:

    Hilarious. I put a link to it on my blog…too bad some people don’t have a sense of humor. Must be un-yogic.

  3. boodiba says:

    That’s funny! And you know I love True Religions.

    Not that I can actually BUY any these days. And I think attempted theft might be inadvisable, despite the fact that my tight little yogic ass is great advertising for them.

  4. Dr. Jay SW says:

    You do yoga and you don’t show loving kindness in your every interaction with people, animals, plants, and inanimate objects? What the hell’s wrong with you?
    I’m a yogi for the second time–the first time I quit because I couldn’t make myself do the equivalent of a full yoga class at home every day. This time, I’m being a bit easier on myself, but still spread love and contentment like a $5 gigolo spreads crabs….

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