I prefer Second

This is a moment. A mere moment. But at this moment, I prefer Second to Primary. I like how fast it goes…whoosh! I’ve been practicing with the Good Doctor at the place in the West Village where the good J is providing him with space (even in her absence! She rocks!). I guess I need to call it something. La Escuela? Those who have been there might understand why. It has to do with the beautiful tiles on the kitchen floor and walls. And it also has to do with our new pronunciation of the word, “proprioception”. Apologies if I have misspelled it. Lord knows, I only barely know what it means and can only barely ever say that experience it, it seems.


I’m loving the flow of Second. Primary just seems to draaaaaaaaaaaaag along sometimes. Then I get to Pasasana, and it just flies by. And in spite of not dillydallying in any of the backbends, I still manage to make progress in Kapotasana. Today I kept my fingertips on my feet, with the Good Doc holding them there, of course.

Bakasana B is fun, fun, fun! I do have a tendency to hold my breath in the exit of both A and B. Must work on that.

And then those twists! LOVE them, especially Ardha Matsyandrasana, named after some really important dude in the Hatha Yoga tradition. Who he was and what he did are escaping me at the moment. That pose just feels RIGHT.

Then, ah, my new favorite…Eka Pada Sirsasana. Why is it my favorite? Because although I cannot, absolutely CANNOT, do it without assistance, I still enjoy it, am not in pain, not uncomfortable and not scared in it. I even make a total ass of myself jumping into it – I can’t get my straight leg through my arms and the only advice I have been given is “Jump higher”. And I still love it.

Will this pass?

Ah, look at me clinging. Always clinging to what I enjoy. I look outside at the beautiful weather and count the months that are left before the leaves are gone. I enjoy a posture, and I worry that soon I will not.

This is where the yoga is needed.



One Response to I prefer Second

  1. jrc says:

    Glad you’re back with the Good Doctor, and congrats on the new poses!

    I love Eka Pada, but Dwi Pada is another story.

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