Can you touch your toes?

Not in a forward bend, mind you. In a back bend. This is what it’s like to be an Ashtangi. Simple things like touching your toes become surreal. It’s not enough to bend down and touch our toes. We have to bend backward and grab our heels.

Well, maybe not the heels. If you’re me, that is.

Today, I did a semi-private (second this week, although the first was more of a quadri-private) with the Good Doctor today. We spent like two hours chatting before we even got started practicing, and by the time we started, I really didn’t know if I even wanted to practice at all. I had kind of lost my nerve.

But since there I was, I got on my mat when we finally got around to realizing that morning was quickly dwindling. It was gone, in fact.

I had an interesting practice. Primary was kind of challenging for me, but Second was a delightful relief. Even Kapotasana was kind of nice. I managed to get both toes again, and actually hold it and BREATHE.

That was the focus of my practice today: breathing. Initiating movement with breath, rather than the other way around. Not sure if that is what made my chest feel sprung-open, but it did.

I am so tired. Must sleep now.

Note to self: must find feet in all backbends. Must actually SEE them someday.



One Response to Can you touch your toes?

  1. nairamsroads says:

    Dear Yoga Chickie,

    Wow. 🙂 You made me smile. I’m just for about a week into serious Yoga (Ashtanga) practice. I am 37, and while I’ve always been fairly flexible, I slowed down on my general exercise routine in the last 2 years or so and it shows as I go through my first couple of sequences and standing asanas. I am going to practice every day, and I’m hoping that I will eventually recover my flexibility and strength to move forward with more difficult and challenging positions. Who knows, may be one day I’ll be able to bend over backwards, and touch my toes, too 😉

    Thanks for the inspiration.


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