It’s no Chakra Bandasana. But it’s mine

So now, even I can SEE that I am making progress. These are actual backbends. Not my former flat-topped table-top. Yay!

Here’s another problem with posting about yoga: I can’t even say what it is that I am doing differently now because every week it seems to change. This week, I seem to need to put my feet kind of closer together than before, toes pointed slightly inward in order to really straighten out my legs. If I splay out my legs and feet, then I can’t straighten the legs at all. Must have something to do with where the tightness is in my groins; the tightness is experienced, I am guessing, in the inner thighs, which is called upon to release when the legs splay out. That tightness is bypassed when the legs are turned in.

Anyway. Moon day, pheh. I have taken many non-moonday holidays lately. I would like to make this a six-day week.




3 Responses to It’s no Chakra Bandasana. But it’s mine

  1. Ursula says:

    Dear Lauren,

    The pictures are great.

    A quick note to your sentences on the right side. What I read in your blog is that you do work, even a lot. But you do not work for employers that give you a monthly cheque. Let’s honour our work that is not paid. 🙂

    Good practices.


  2. joy suzanne says:

    hear hear! What Ursula said.

  3. donutszenmom says:

    Looking good!

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