Bike Sunday

From May through October, every Sunday, the Westchester County Highway Department closes off a six mile section of the lushly, wisteria-draped, scenic Bronx River Parkway so that bikers, bladers and runners can enjoy a half-marathon’s worth of safe and happy trails. Today, I went with the kids. It was great fun and inspiring to see how my kids are capable of biking further than I ever did until I was in my mid-twenties (maybe if I had tried…?).

No yoga for me today. The moon looked full enough for me last night, and I would imagine that if it weren’t obsured with clouds now, it would look pretty damn full tonight too. So, moon day!! Tomorrow, I practice.

Speaking of practice, please forgive me for stating the obvious, but gardening is very much a “practice” too. It’s never finished. You can’t neglect it. You get better as you continue on in your journey. But you never know everything. You never know enough. And you can get overwhelmed by realizing how much you don’t know, just like you can be a total show-off and seem to know a LOT even when you don’t. And there’s always something to discover, and it’s often a metaphor for something in your life. And it can be exhausting. But you have to keep going. For what? Who knows.



One Response to Bike Sunday

  1. DebPC says:

    Nice gardening analogy.Much yard work to do myself today.

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