He’s newly authorized…

…to introduce yoga into the mainstream. Finally!


Never again will I have to explain what I mean when I say that I’ve been working on Gassy Cobra and Angry Hobo Stealing Pie. Who knew Mike Myers (aka “Guru Pitka”) was so flexible? Kind of makes me envious (or nervous) the way he can put his legs so far behind his head. Damn that Guru Pitka!

Seems that what Madonna couldn’t do for yoga by doing Pincha Mayurasana during all of her shows and by starring in a movie about an Ashtanga teacher who gets her gay best friend to sleep with her and then proceeds to have his baby (as IF!), Mike Myers is finally doing with The Love Guru, which comes out in theaters later this spring.

And besides, who wouldn’t want to learn to play the Sitar from this man?

(here’s hoping these posters end up as widely distributed as Dan Smith’s



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