Oh, how I hate to upstage myself…

but I feel that a plug or two must be made at this juncture.

I think it is because I am feeling so incredibly light and happy because of my fabulous new MBT sandals that arrived today, and which inspired me to do an impromptu non-asana self-timer shoot (see MY FABULOUS MBTs and Me). And also because I had the most lovely practice today. EVAH.

I don’t know how or why, but I finally remembered something that I am never supposed to forget, as a yoga student or a yoga teacher. And that is: BREATHE. I breathed all throughout my practice. And it was lovely. I even breathed through Kapotasana. And I felt so much better. Boy Sub and I made a little deal – he would adjust me only until I started to vocalize. And I felt so much less scared. It wasn’t my deepest Kapo A, but it was my best Kapo B, for sure, straightest arms, best breathing ever.

I think that one thing that helped to change things today was my decision to take the focus off of Kapotasana. Duh. Seems so obvious. But sometimes what is most obvious is the least obvious.

It all made me think about how we deal with challenges, and the ways in which we take the focus off of what is scary or otherwise unpleasant. Some people, like me, and like my cousin, Debby, go into action. We practice. We walk. We shop. We rake. We plant. We run (well, not we, but she). We bike (well, I do). We do lots of laundry (me, not sure if she). We hem jeans and re-upholster ottomans (me). And, of course, we write.

There’s this amazing little girl that I know who is not even 11 years old, who has discovered this last method of dealing. At such an early age, such a brave and wise little girl.

She goes by the name, “Geno Girl”, and she happens to be Debby’s older daughter. Now, Debby and I are both on the short side. Okay, big understatement. But it turns out that Geno Girl is turning out to be even more so. It also turns out that this might not be her destiny. As such, and in order to help Geno Girl realize her true physical stature, Debby and my cousin-in-law, J, have decided to put Geno Girl on Genotropin, a growth hormone. Geno Girl is writing about her daily shots of Genotropin on Geno Girl Grows On. It’s a brave and honest blog and very daring for a pre-teen girl.

I’m not surprised that G-Girl is an amazing and powerful writer. She comes from the right stock.

You should check it out, for the fun of it, or if you need a reality check. And who can’t use one of those?



3 Responses to Oh, how I hate to upstage myself…

  1. DebPC says:

    THanks for the plug. It really is a good blog. And like any good blogger, she is completely obsessed with writing it. That is, when she’s not using her computer time to play Webkinz and email with her grandmother.

  2. DebPC says:

    Oh yeah, and you actually make those weird masai shoes look good. Or maybe it’s just that you look good, and the shoes are basking in the afterglow.

  3. Yoga Chickie says:


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