Me love me MBTs

See how happy the MBTs make me?

And so calm.

And so able to do Pasasana.

Everyone should get a pair of MBTs!

Then you can be thiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiis happy too!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hooray for MBTs!



6 Responses to Me love me MBTs

  1. susiegb says:

    I guess you must have a shoe fetish! I have never seen so many posts about a pair of shoes! Which I might say, I have never heard of. They have not appeared in Australia, to my knowledge!!!

    Very cute!


  2. Yoga Chickie says:

    Aren’t they the BEST??!!!

  3. ashtangi says:

    I will be curious to hear from you if they hurt like some people have said( if worn for too long)

  4. Carl says:

    Are these the hip-hugging skinny jeans that you pioneered?

  5. Yoga Chickie says:

    K – I’ve been wearing the sneaker version for a week straight now except for last Friday night when I went out for supper and wore heels. Other than that, it’s been barefoot or MBT, and while they make my legs tired, they don’t hurt at all.

    We’ll see if the sandals give me blisters though, as all sandals seem to do…

    C – these are not skinny jeans at all. They are low-rise, boot-cut True Religions. Actually, I suspect they are Fake Religions because the label is suspiciously oversized, and I bought them in a no-name store that I bumped into in Manhattan one day last fall.

    Skinny jeans are tight all the way to the ankles. Notoriously unflattering to all but Posh Spice and Ashtanginis. I’ll do an MBT Fashion show with skinny jeans next!

  6. Ursula says:

    Hahaha, you convinced me. The shoes look great. 🙂


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