Buh Bye Barbie Feet

Until Tuesday, it did not occur to me that perhaps the problem with Pasasana has been my preference for high-heeled shoes.

Then the Good Doctor suggested to me that perhaps the problem was my “Barbie Feet”, or, in other words, feet whose heels don’t touch the ground. Ever.


Against my better fashion judgement, I hauled out from the back of my Shoe Museum (aka, my closet), my pair of MBT Sneakers that I bought about a year ago, that I wore once or twice and then never again. Just too ugly, I thought. There was, simply, no way around the ugly.

Or so I thought. Until I realized that my Pasasana was suffering…

Since wearing heels is not an option in Pasasana (unless you’re practicing Posh-asana, as demonstrated by my rendering of Victoria over here to the left), it was a toss-up:

Worship at the altar of fashion?


Worship at the altar of asana?

I wore my MBT’s into the city on Wednesday, inauspicious day that it was. A close friend who saw me wearing the hideous, spongey monstrosities asked me, “What’s the deal with the clodhoppers?” I explained, with the utmost in patience: “Pasasana requires that I put aside my high heeled shoes for now.” It goes without saying that my explanation fell upon deaf ears and was met with a scathing glance at the aesthetics-offending footwear.


Since Wednesday, I have made a point of either being barefoot, or wearing my MBT’s. And for my effort, I have been rewarded. Today I bound rather easily on both sides in Pasasana, without benefit of wall or rolled up mat. In celebration, I wore some really stylin’ high heeled sandals to dinner tonight in Greenwich.

That transgression aside, I shall continue to limit my time in high heels in the hope that I can eventually put my Barbie heels back down on the ground where they belong.

Twould be nice.



5 Responses to Buh Bye Barbie Feet

  1. DebPC says:

    Uh, I think those shoes are particularly ugly. Why not try some cuter flats by Keen or Naot or Simple or Palladium. I think Pumas are back, too, but then again I live in Colorado.

  2. ashtangi says:

    get some earth shoes YC, they dont look anywhere near as hideous as MBT’s, though I have thought about MBTs myself. The newere versions actually don’t look so bad now.

  3. Yoga Chickie says:

    I just ordered some MBT sandals online on major sale ($139) and they look really really cute. Can’t post a link because I don’t know how…will post a pic in another post. What I like about the MBT’s, in spite of their ugliness, is that they have a heel. So flats by Keen, Naot, Earth Shoe, etc. just contribute to my looking really really short.

  4. Caroline says:

    Funny reading about the “barbie feet” dilemma.

    The best ever non-barbie sandals are Joseph Seibels.

    They’re not exactly funky or anything, but they are heavenly to walk in.

  5. Yoga Chickie says:

    Well, those are very nice, but the heel is still slightly elevated. If I am going to eschew high heels for most of the daytime hours, then I might as well go whole hog and put my heels down lower than my toes.

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