How to stay skinny the Renee Zellweger way

No utensils.

I’ve seen several photos of her recently in which she has a full plate of food in front of her, but NO UTENSILS. Everyone around her has utensils. But she has none. You can’t eat fusilli in an evening gown without a fork, correct? Works for her, apparently.

If this truly is the way that the once fresh-faced, now squinty-eyed, puffy faced actress keeps herself on the slim and narrow, then, well, wow. I want to be judgemental and say how sick that is, that she has to demand that her assistants remove all eating utensils so that she won’t be tempted to nourish her body. But then, I have never walked even a step in her Louboutins. I have no idea what it might be like to have to be skinny in order to make a living but to be constantly tempted by delicious and sumptuous food at industry gatherings.

Maybe if I were a celebrity, and being rail thin meant the difference between a big fat paycheck and doing dinner theater in East Podunk, I too would require that my place at the table be set with no silverware. Maybe. But hard to know.

No practice today – had my first annual physical with an actual internal medicine doctor in about seven years. I found it really disturbing to be poked and prodded in ways that are different from the way that my breast-related doctors poke and prod me. I also found it disturbing that my doctor asked me, “So, do you work out at all?” even though I had just finished explaining to him how much yoga I do each day.

I am literally falling asleep at the keyboard…………..




One Response to How to stay skinny the Renee Zellweger way

  1. NoJo says:

    I wouldn’t let lack of utensils stop me from eating…LOL

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