Not the good kind either, as in the kind that is followed by a tock. This is the kind of tick that you find on, er, in your skin when you are just minding your own business, having a nice bath.

Or rather, my skin, while in my bath. At first, I thought I had a bit of dirt on my leg. But it wouldn’t scrape off. My heart started to pound because I then thought, “holy crap, is this a cancerous mole that I am scraping at?”. That thought quickly gave way to disgust and shocking pain as I realized that at that very moment, I was pulling a tick’s face out of the tender skin on my inner thigh.

It was still alive, still is actually. I put it in little plastic baggie and went on with my day, which, coincidentally included a class trip to a nature preserve for some hiking and identifying of early spring woodland creatures.

You know, like Deer Ticks.

Which my new plastic baggied pet was identified as.

So, I called my oncologst,Dr. H, whom, as I predicted a month or so ago, told me (actually, had an assistant tell me) that it is time to cut the cord. Get thee to an ordinary internist,primary care physician, whatever all you normal people see every year,or call for a Z Pack when the flu strikes.

Not too happy to be abandoned in my time of need. I feel like Galatea must have felt when Pygmaleon saw fit to abandon her. Or Dr. Frankenstein’s creation, in Mary Shelley’s telling of the tale of what happens when the creator abandons the createe. Oh, it’s a tale told often. In many forms. And though I am not the creation, exactly, of Dr.H, I certainly owe my life to her, at least in part, as well as who I am today.

So, here I sit in a strange (to me), new (to me) doctor’s office on the outskirts of Scarsdale Village, not looking forward to giving my medical history, telling and reliving it all over again.

Nah, it’s no so much a big deal. But it’s often the small stuff that gets ya bent out of shape. And no amount of yoga can take that away from me for more than a few moments at any given time.

Primary later today, at home. Took on more classes at Yoga Sutra – next Friday intermediate/advanced and two lunchtime vinyasa classes in May. Should be fun!



9 Responses to Tick

  1. skelly says:

    The best way to get them out is to heat a teaspoons handle red hot and hold it on the ticks bum. It pulls itself out that way you guarantee you get all of it out

  2. skelly says:

    The best way to get them out is to heat a teaspoons handle red hot and hold it on the ticks bum. It pulls itself out that way you guarantee you get all of it out

  3. Carl says:

    Yeah, be wary of pulling on ticks. Their little heads easily can separate from their bodies. It’s no good to pull a tick off if its head stays inside you.

  4. Carl says:

    Oh, alternate tick removal method: pour oil over it and it should back out on its own.

  5. skelly says:

    Or if you are going walking in fields and don’t want to tuck your trousers into your wellies carry a cigarette and a lighter if a tick gets in your leg hold the lit cigarette against its bum. Just don’t set fire to the field

  6. Harley says:

    Hi Lauren
    I practice Yoga Sutra whenever I am in NYC. I just checked your blog for the first time in a while and it looks like you are in a good grove. I always say thank goodness for yoga! It sounds like you are practicing with my fav teacher in the whole world. I miss NY alot and am always glad to hear snippets about my teacher! I ran into someone in LA and we were talking about how we miss NY and read the ashtanga blogs to keep up. We don’t comment but we read. Anyway–best wishes to you.

  7. susiegb says:

    I completely understand your fear at your oncologist ‘cutting the cord’. I’m a few years behind you on this, but know I’d be totally freaked out if mine even suggested that! But of course you can/should look at the good side of this – what it actually means!

    I don’t think mine will be cutting me loose any time soon!


  8. Yoga Chickie says:

    Tick removal…not for the faint of heart. I was told never to burn a tick because, well, obviously, I would burn myself, let’s face it. I have heard that an alcohol soaked cotton ball and a good twist is a foolproof method. Frankly, I like the tweezers method best. Now, I have to go check myself for ticks since I spent about three hours digging in the dirt today.

    Harley-next time you are in town, if you see me, please say hi!

    Same with JRC – whomever you are!

    And Suzie…it is an uncomfortable place to be in, whatever place you are in, once you have had cancer. This is something that I always knew about cancer, even before I had it, but look, if you have never had cancer, you still have that huge unknown about GETTING cancer, because so many people eventually do. At least we know and have seen the devil and have some experience in fighting it.

    Right? Gotta find that bright side…


  9. nora says:

    I think I heard that the tweezer method now is said to be best and heating etc is not recommended because the tick can pump all the infections into you then. Do a web search on lyme….

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