Held onto both my feet today at the same time!

(like this)

I actually “bound” in Kapotasana!

It is such a joy for me to be able to do the seemingly impossible. Pure joy.

Impossible without a good teacher such as the Good Doctor. Possible because he believed it to be so.

It is still scary and I still gasp. I even cried out “oh my god!”. That part will take time, which is fine. It is a rare and intoxicating ride.



2 Responses to Held onto both my feet today at the same time!

  1. joy suzanne says:

    That has got to be just such a freaky-amazing feeling! I can’t imagine it… I’m such a lazy, crappy backbender. Well, I’m only making it to the studio 3 times a week with my current work schedule, and I don’t practice at home, and I don’t do any R&D, either. I guess I’m going to have to get serious if I ever want it to happen for me…

    And I do, I do!

    PS- Do you ever feel sick after backbending? My teacher was assisting me with dropbacks and standups the other week and after 3 of them I was ready to puke. The room was spinning. He pushed me forward into a deep paschimottanasana and I said “je crois que je vais vomir, j’ai la tête qui tourne”. All he said was “C’est normal.”

  2. Yoga Chickie says:

    Hi JS – I just saw this comment. For some reason, comments are not making it to my email inbox. Must check out why that is happening.

    It is a bizarre feeling, but it also kind of makes sense to me to be able to touch my toes. Gripping heels or ankles is a whole nother story though. But touching the toes seems to me to be easier than standing up from a backbend. I don’t think your back has to be as bendy, but you do have to be able to articulate your shoulders in a certain way. Same kind of articulation is when doing Natarajasana – the FULL version, or Eka Pada Raja Kapotasana, where you take your foot from above.

    Backbending makes me babble. No nausea. Just babble.

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